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We are located in South Florida ­čç║­čçŞ┬áand we want to give you advice to develop your real estate projects.

IFF real estate

We are home builders

Our company focus in Construction Bussines, building houses , costumes houses, we teach you how to generate extra income doing the same process that we doing and how to it part time without leaving your job, we are a General Contractor Services Company with license, insurance and experience.

Build your own business
Build a professional team around you
You can work part time or full time
Knowing the entire process step by step.
Create long term passive income
See the results and repeat

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Frequently asked questions

At all times everything is done in the name of the person who buys the land, one of the investments that grows the most in the United States in general is the purchase of properties and mainly land, so it is very difficult for there to be a loss in the process.

You will find places on the internet mainly, or on social networks that promise at all times that you will recover the investment in two or three months, we always work with transparency and are sincere throughout the process, which takes between 10 months and up.

Good news is always its the right time, in spite of inflation, we are in a serious HOUSING SHORTAGE